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Speaking MS Ignite – Why choose Yammer as your outer loop?

Join Ammar Hasayen as he speaks at Microsoft Ignite Conference about why to choose Yammer as your outer loop communication. Learn (From the Field) how Yammer and Microsoft Teams can bring more to the enterprise in terms of compliance, integration and security than other products in the market.

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Azure advanced threat protection lateral movement

Azure advanced threat protection lateral movement is a great way to predict how persistent attacker can compromise high sensitive account in your organization. Learn how Azure ATP help detect and prevent lateral movement inside your network.



Azure Bastion Step-by Step Guide

I am going to introduce you to Azure Bastion and show you step-by-step how to create your first Azure bastion host, connect to a virtual machine and work a virtual machine session along with a video demo showing all that.

Millennials Arrival And the Evolution Of The Modern Workplace

The Millennials arrival and the evolution of the Modern Workplace is about discussing the demographic change in the workplace, and how Millennials are taking over and shaping the future worker. This changes every thing, and calls for a shift in the way we think of the modern workplace to fit their expectations.

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