How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

In this blog post, I am going to share some my 10 tips for you to create your perfect LinkedIn profile and increase your chances of being notices or hired. You are exceptional and it’s your time to shine and show the person behind your profile picture beyond listing your job title and roles. read more..

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Microsoft Defender API

Learn how to access valuable insights from Microsoft Defender for Endpoint using the documented Microsoft Defender API and automate workflows beyond just simple administration.

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Microsoft Defender – Indicator of Compromise IOC

n this blog post, we are going to talk about extending the Microsoft Defender for Endpoint detection Indicator of Compromise IOC. Mainly we are going to talk about the product’s prevention capabilities with additional external source of information. What if you want to block a specific IP address or a suspicious file as a result of investigating an attack you were investigating recently?

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P4: MS Defender for Endpoint – Attack Surface Reduction ASR

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Attack Surface Reduction or ASR for short is all about prevention and endpoint hardening. It is hardening the places where a threat is likely to attack and closing the gaps to reduce the risks. In fact, you can consider ASR as some sort of Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS).

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Cloud Reference Architecture – Virtual Data Center (VDC)

The Virtual Data Center VDC is part of any Cloud Reference Architecture CRA and promotes for a balance between governance and developer agility, separation of duties and more. In this blog, you learn why to architect your data center in Azure with best practices and recommendation from Cloud Security Alliance CSA. Read more..

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Cloud Reference Architecture CRA P3 – Enterprise Structure

The CRA Enterprise Structure: Learn how to drive your organizational financial accountability in the cloud by carefully planning your Enterprise Enrolment Hierarchy to roll-up and isolate cost at different levels, and how to design both your Azure Subscription Models and your Management Group Hierarchy.

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CRA Cloud Financial Governance

Establishing a cloud financial government in the cloud is the basis of establishing a cloud reference architecture and it helps you manage cost of your cloud spending and plan your budget by establishing accountability and cost monitoring measures. Read more in this blog series.

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Cloud Reference Architecture CRA P1 – Foundation

The Cloud Reference Architecture (CRA) defined in the ISO/IEC 17789 standard, helps organizations achieve the balance between agility and speed of delivery in the cloud from one side, and security and governance from the other side. Read more…

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How To Prepare For The CISSP Exam Day and Pass

Learn how to prepare for the CISSP exam day, what to do and not to do 24 hours before your CISSP exam day, and how to get the right mindset to answer questions. You will find deep dive info about the new CISSP CAT exam engine, how many questions and how to practice for the exam in this blog series.

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My Pluralsight Course – Incident Response and Remediation With Azure Security Center

In this Pluralsight course, Incident Response and Remediation with Microsoft Azure Security Center, you will learn how to get the right mindset on how to think differently of security in the cloud, how to plan your incident response properly in Azure, and how to get secure faster with Azure Security Center.

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