Get exchange group manager

One of the most requested feature or information is the ability to get exchange group manager. This becomes handy when you want to make sure every distribution group has a manager.

When you do distribution group cleanup, or migration to Office 365 groups, you want first to list your groups, and then question if this group is still valid or in use. Of course, you cannot do this decision yourself, and you start questioning who is the owner or manager of each group. Get exchange group manager script will help you quickly identify the manager of each distribution group, so you can easily have an idea of the group owner.

Another scenario is a cleanup job. Some people resign from your company, and perhaps they are assigned as group owners in many distribution groups. When they leave the company, groups they manage become suddenly without an owner. Get exchange group manager script will help you quickly identify groups without owner.

Finally, you do not want to manage the membership of all your distribution groups. Assigning a manager for each group would make more sense. To start the exercise of identifying group managers and delegating membership modification to them, you need this script to identify who manages what initially.

Script parameters

The script is simple, just run it from Exchange management shell, and give it the following parameters:

  1. File [required]: the csv file name and path to save the output csv.
  2. OU [optional]: used to narrow the scope of the script to a certain OU.

You can download the script from Microsoft TechNet Gallery.

Script examples

Get managers of all groups and export results to c:\files.csv.

Get-ExchangeDGManagers -file "c:\file.csv"

Get managers of all groups under the specified OU.

Get-ExchangeDGManagers -OU "ou=mailing groups, dc = contoso, dc=com" -file "c:\file.csv"

Download the script

You can find the script from Microsoft TechNet Gallery


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