Microsoft Azure PIM – Course Overview

Cybercriminals are relentless when it comes to finding and compromising their targets’ privileged credentials to gain unfettered access to critical assets. In this course, Implementing Microsoft Azure Privileged Identity Management (Microsoft Azure PIM), you will receive the most up-to-date knowledge on how to mitigate these security risks and to achieve compliance by securing, controlling, monitoring, analyzing, and governing privileged access on Azure AD, Azure resources, and Microsoft online services.

First, you will learn how to quickly enable Microsoft Azure PIM in your Azure tenant along with the licensing requirements to do so. Next, you will explore the concept of Just in Time Access (JIT) and Just Enough Administration (JEA) that will help you configure Microsoft Azure PIM properly. Finally, you will get all the knowledge you need to enable workflow approval and access reviews along with some best practices that will help you properly manage Microsoft Azure PIM to meet your business needs.

When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge you need to enhance your overall security and compliance with more efficient administration and governance of privileged access.

Course Structure

This course is structured in an organized and structured way that will allow the learner to understand what is it for him to implement Microsoft Azure PIM. It starts with demonstrating a business problem, where your organization can be in risk because of the misuse of privileged identities or because of compromised credentials for one or more privileged accounts in your Azure tenant. Then the course shows the type of damage that your organization will encounter like financial and reputation loss. Finally, the course recommends a solution to better monitor, control and secure privileged identities across Azure AD, Azure resources and Microsoft Online services like Office 365 and Intune.

Microsoft Azure PIM 2

Module 1: Introducing Azure Privileged Identity Management

  • What is a Privileged Identity?
  • What Is the Problem?
  • What Is the Damage?
  • Introducing Azure Privileged Identity Management (PIM)

Module 2: Enabling Azure Privileged Identity Management

  • Enabling Microsoft Azure PIM Prerequisites.
  • Demo: Enabling Microsoft Azure PIM in Your Tenant.
  • Things You Should DO After Enabling Microsoft Azure PIM.

Module 3: Configuring Just in Time Access

  • What Is Just in Time Access (JIT)?
  • JIT for Azure Resources vs. Azure AD Roles.
  • When to Use JIT.
  • Demo: Configuring Just in Time Access.

Module 4: Configuring Time-bound Access

  • What Is Time-bound Access?
  • Demo: Configuring Time-bound Access.

Module 5: Configuring Permanent Access

  • What Is Permanent Access?
  • Demo: Configuring Permanent Access.

Module 6: Implementing Approval Workflows

  • Introducing PIM Approval Workflows.
  • Demo: Creating a Delegated Approval Account.
  • Demo: Configure a Role to Require Approval.
  • Demo: Process Pending Approval Requests.

Module 7: Exploring Privileged Identity Management Roles

  • What Are Azure AD Directory Roles?
  • Demo: Exploring AD Directory Roles.

Module 8: Configuring Azure PIM Management Access

  • Who Can Manage  PIM?
  • Demo: Giving Users Access to PIM.

Module 9: Configuring PIM Access Review and Auditing

  • Exploring Microsoft Azure PIM Audit Log.
  • Demo: Accessing Microsoft Azure PIM Audit Log.
  • Introducing Access Review.
  • Demo: Start an Access Review.
  • Demo: Finish an Access Review.

Start the Course Now

You can start right away learn about Azure Privileged Identity Management by accessing the course online at PluralSight here. If you don’t have a Pluralsight subscription, you can watch it by starting a free trail at PluralSight and start getting value right away. You could also look at my other Pluralsight courses like Security Alerts in Microsoft Azure and the Incident Response and Remediation in Microsoft Azure featuring Azure Security Center course at Pluralsight.

Here is a short video showing what to expect in this course along with some clips taken from different modules.